Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Confirms Babe Ruths Called Shot video

How old is former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who retired in June after almost thirty-five years on the nation's highest court? Old enough that he can confirm Babe Ruth's famous called shot.


Stevie Johnson Takes to Twitter Questions God After Dropped TD

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson is a former seventh-round pick out of Kentucky.


Pro Flight Simulator

The Overall Score

Let's look at the final verdict on Pro Flight Simulator. This score takes into account everything we have discussed so far, and......
Experience Real Flight Simulation With The Best Airplane Simulation Games - Online Flight Simulator X

Coach Kyril Tennis gets reviewed

The Ten Laws Of Tennis Success will show you what you need to do on the tennis court, but it is in the application of...

The Bottom Line

Ok, so now it's time for the final bottom line on Coach Kyril Tennis. This score takes into consideration everything we have...
Read all about it here:http://purrl.net/reviews/coach-kyril-tennis-review/

Fantasy Football Peyton Hillis Tom Brady and the Top Performances from Week 12

Another week has gone by in the NFL and another week of great performances.

Peyton Hillis continues to run wild while Tom Brady had a field day on Thanksgiving.Dwayne Bowe is the hottest receiver in the league, and Arian Foster continues to prove that he is certainly not a Week 1 fluke. If owners were lucky enough to draft Foster or to hang on to Bowe, then you are definitely in contention for a playoff spot.


Maui Windsurfing Thanksgiving Leftovers [Video]

Leftover windsurfing footage from Hookipa Maui the day before Thanksgiving.


Andre Ward Wins Ugly Over Sakio Bika To Defend His WBA Title

Andre Ward Wins Ugly Over Sakio Bika To Defend His WBA Title

It is always better to win ugly, then to not win at all.� And that is exactly what current WBA Super Middleweight Champion Andre Ward did on Saturday night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Ward walked away with the Unanimous Decision; the final judges’ score cards were 120-108, 118-110, and 118-110.�

This was a perfect fight for Ward, to prepare for his upcoming fight against former IBF Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham.� Both Bika and Abraham have similar styles and have been known to be slow starters and desperate finishers.� Ward Promoter Dan Goossen went as far as to say that “I believe that Andre will manhandle Abraham.”� One thing is for sure: if Ward does “manhandle Abraham,” he will not do it in front of his hometown crowd.The attendance was reported to have been around 4,000...


Your Unbreakable Body Review

Learn Exactly How 1000s of People Live Completely Pain Free, Do ALL of the Things They Love to do...Without ANY Restrictions or Limitations, While Building...

The Final Score

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Your Unbreakable Body? This score takes into account everything we have...
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Breaking News TCU Is Going to The Big East

The undefeated, No. 3 Horned Frogs, will get a chance to play in the BCS.


Monday, November 29, 2010

VIDEO Oklahoma State Interception could be Most Amazing of the Year

Oklahoma State's Brodrick Brown launches into the air and comes up BIG to save the ball with a tip that bounces right into his teammate Shaun Lewis's arms.

Just like backyard football.


Visual Representation of Hardcore PIC

I'm not sure if I've ever seen something more hardcore than this...


Sure Bettor

Here Are The Secrets To Making An
Average Of �1,029.64 Per WEEK From Betfair With Just ONE ‘Obscure' Method... And ZERO Losses ... No Matter...

The Overall Rating

Overall, what do we think of Sure Bettor? This score takes into consideration everything we have discussed so far, and in addition...
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Civil War Analyzing the Dividing Line of the IWC and the Miz

Why so serious IWC? It seems ever since Monday, we have been at each other's throats over one person: The Miz.

I don't have to go into details, but for those who didn't see , The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Randy Orton and became the new WWE Champion. The ticking time bomb that is the IWC immediately blew up and has been at war with itself ever since. The majority of people, especially here on B/R, have been flaming each other for liking, or hating, the Miz, while a small minorityGuess what? Anyone who's anyone who has ever held the title before has been shoved down our throats. Hogan, Stone Cold, Cena, Orton, Edge. These are all guys that were shoved down our throats, because WWE shoves people down our throats because they think thats what we want to see.


Kansas Chiefs Take Position of Denver Broncos Livin On a Prayer

With the San Diego Chargers back in the swing of things, the Chiefs find themselves in a position the Broncos are oh so familiar with.Ron Rivera has lit the Chargers defense on fire this season, leaving all of the Charger losses to blame on the failure of their special teams.

With the punt blocks/returns and kick returns silenced as of late; it seems as if this team is unstoppable. A convincing 36-14 win over the Colts makes a statement.


The 100 Best Rivalries In Sports

Rivalries are a special subsection of sport.

The season of any sport is welcomed with open arms every year but the rivalry game is circled on the calendar with black ink. You don't miss these things for anything in the world. Here are the 100 best.


1 Rep Fitness Review

Lion-like in stalking his prey across the savannah, today Leslie Trawler reviews 1 Rep Fitness. But is it delicious red meat or a scrawny bit of chicken?

Want a red hot body?
Read more here:http://purrl.net/reviews/1-rep-fitness-review/

NFL Players Will Start Wearing ImpactSensors Next Fall

The co-chair of an NFL committee on brain and spine injuries says players will soon be wearing impact-sensors--which will provide hard data on precisely how head-crushing a hit a player has just experienced.

The objective is to help stem the massive outbreak of concussions. But it seems like it's likely to have an opposite effect.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tennis Stomper

The Most Comprehensive Fitness Training Rolodex Ever Created for Tennis to Eliminate Back Pain, Improve Your Strength, Endurance, And Shot Consistency... Guaranteed!

The Overall Score

Ok, so now it's time for the final score on Tennis Stomper. This score takes into account everything we have discussed so...
Further info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/tennis-stomper-review/

World Championship Kart Racing Victory Lap Crash

Any long-time enthusiast with knowledge of the sport could immediately diagnose the problem here: Grown man racing in a Go-Kart. ...


Burn Fat X10 Review

The Bottom Line

Overall, what do we think of Burn Fat X10? This rating considers everything we have discussed so far, and also trust ranking......
Learn how to Burn Fat up to 10 times faster in just minutes a day!
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Renegade Mental Tennis Reviewed

The Final Verdict

Overall, what do we think of Renegade Mental Tennis? This score takes into account everything we have discussed so far, and also......
Finally, the Renegade Tennis Mental Guru reveals his secret, easy-to-use tennis psychology techniques to overcome lack of confidence, skill, physical power and practice time on...
Further info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/renegade-mental-tennis-review/

Michael Jordan Disses LeBron James And His Rise Commercial

Maybe I am hearing things.� Maybe I am just blowing this whole thing out of proportion.� Or maybe Michal Jordan really did just smack LeBron James in the face, spit on his shoes, and tell him to "shut the f*&k up and stop whining"... ...well not exactly in those words, or actions, but you get ...

Via: http://www.totalprosports.com

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Itv Pro gets reviewed

Watch over 3,500 TV Channels Directly from your computer or laptop

The Bottom Line

Overall, what do we think of ITV Pro? This score takes into consideration everything we have discussed so far, and also trust...
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Stop the Presses the LA Clippers Win 2nd Straight Game

Blake Griffin is taking the NBA by storm making a serious early campaign for rookie of the year.

The new human highlight reel is also putting up big numbers of late....


Full Movies Review

Like a lion stalking his prey, Leslie Trawler today gulps down Full Movies. But is it delicious juicy steak or an old scrap of chicken?

Download unlimited full length movies to your computer or mobile device with thousands of full version video files available for a quick and direct download.
Check out the full story:http://purrl.net/reviews/full-movies-review/

Amazing 8 Year Old Owns Adult In DanceOff

This little kid is amazing, and he manages to simultaneously destroy his competition's hopes of winning the dance-off and picking up a groupie to leave with. ...


This Dude Really Wanted That Hot Dog

This Dude Really Wanted That Hot Dog

Leave it to our friends at Barstool Sports to find a gem like this. During Saturday night's battle between Notre Dame and Army at Yankee Stadium, this Yankees fan couldn't muster up enough change to buy himself a hot dog, so he did the next best thing: Steal one from the guy in the beer ...


Friday, November 26, 2010

Mike Leach Sues ESPN for Defamation

Former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach gave ESPN an unpleasant Thanksgiving greeting


Russian Pipeline Deployment Accident

Once this happened, Sarah Palin had had enough and stood on her porch, yelling for them to keep it down. ...


2010 NBA Turkey Day Awards

Check out who the unlucky recipients were of our 1st Annual Turkey Day Awards.

Here's a hint: It's Thanksgiving and Lebron is in the oven.


WWE at the Movies Power Ranking the God Awful Films Starring Wrestlers

It's not secret that WWE Studios doesn't turn out what you would call box office blasts, and more than often WWE Studios' movies bomb in the box office, but in this slideshow I will be picking the five absolute worst WWE films ever.

From the first WWE produced movie ever to the latest release, the five worst.As always leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at joe@wrestleslam.com...


Pain in the Sciatica gets reviewed

The Overall Rating

What's our final opinion of Pain In The Sciatica? This rating takes into account everything we have discussed so far, and in......
Do You Live With Chronic Sciatica Pain in Your Butt or Legs? Get Rid of Your Sciatica Pain For Good With Our GUARANTEED-to-WORK Treatment Program...
Source site:http://purrl.net/reviews/pain-in-the-sciatica-review/

Epic High School Football Fight

Fights in Hockey are common, but High School Football? They may happen, but not as big as this.

What started out between just a couple players erupted into a full on brawl between both teams. The cops even had to get involved and start pepper spraying the players to get them off of each other. Just check out how epic this was!


Mullet Hall Of Fame Fabulously Awful Haircuts from Sports History Pics

Few hairstyles of the last forty years have made as lasting an impression on the world as the mullet.

And sports has been no less affected than other areas of the broader culture, as we see here in this look back at some of the greatest athlete mullets in history.


Marcus Jordan Flies like his Dad Against Stetson Video

Check out the video replay's of Michael Jordan's son Marcus' huge dunk for UCF against Stetson this week....


Banish Cold Sores Review

Discover The 3 Stupid-Simple Steps A Desperate 5 Year Cold Sore Suffer 'Accidentally' Stumbled Upon That Instantly and Permanantly Banished His Humiliating Cold Sores -...

The Overall Rating

Overall, what do we think of Banish Cold Sores? This score takes into consideration everything we have discussed so far, and also...
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sad Yao Ming Is Sad

Not be confused with Sad Keanu.

Chin up, Yao, you could be Matt Schaub.


A review of Ex 180

Did You Know You Can Force Your Ex To Come Crawling Back To You? Read Ex 180 -- and Watch Your Ex Realize That They...

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Ex 180? This rating considers everything we have discussed so far,...
Full info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/ex-180-review/

Over Night Wrinkle Cures gets reviewed

Removes wrinkles by combining unique facial exercises with natural remedies & natural anti aging medicines. We show you how to get rid wrinkles, we have...

The Overall Score

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Over Night Wrinkle Cures? This rating takes into consideration everything we...
Original site:http://purrl.net/reviews/over-night-wrinkle-cures-review/

More Butt Support

In typical soccer fashion, this guy appeared to be dead as he laid on the ground with an injury while the medics attended to him.� However, he would not play dead for long as the stretcher's cheap fabric refused to support his unbearable weight and he was sent crashing to the ground.

That's what you ...


Marc Staal Rocks Matt Stajan With Hard OpenIce Hit

The NHL may be looking to crack down on blind-sided hits, but that is no excuse for players not to keep their heads up at all times.� Unfortunately for Matt Stajan, he would be forced to learn that lesson the hard way last night.

With just over ten minutes remaining in the game, the Flames' ...


15 Most Brutal Looking PostFight Faces PICS

15 Most Brutal Looking Post-Fight Faces (PICS)


Natural Hair Book Reviewed

If you want healthy, versatile natural hair that looks fabulous, you want...nappturosity, the #1 bestselling system for total natural hair care!

The Final Verdict

Overall, what do we think of Natural Hair Book? This rating considers everything we have discussed so far, and also trust ranking...
Original site:http://purrl.net/reviews/natural-hair-book-review/

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

9 Unexpected Attacks from Angry Athletes

On Sunday, Oakland Raiders' defensive end Richard Seymour gave an open-hand slap to Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback and accused rapist Ben Roethlisberger.

We'd like to honor Seymour with this list of 9 other athletes who have unexpectedly lashed out in violence. While we don't condone the behavior, it's certainly fun to watch.


Picture Of The Day Best Seat In The House

Do you think this guy even knows that there is a football game going on right in front of him?� On second thought, allow me to rephrase my question....

Do you think this guy even CARES that there is a football game going on right in front of him? I wouldn't bet on it.� At ...


Josh Selby Cleared at Kansas After 9 Game Suspension and Paying Fine

The NCAA and basketball world is in for quite a treat.

With news that Josh Selby, the #1 rated HS recruit in the 2010...


The Ten Greatest Small Forwards in NBA History

From Elgin Baylor to Scottie Pippen, two Celtics legends and one that's still playing, here are the ten greatest small forwards in NBA history.


20 Craziest Bull Fights Youve Probably Never Seen Videos

If you grew up like I did watching Spike TV or "World's Most Amazing Videos" or "When Animals Attack," you surely have seen your share of animal-on-human violence.


Comments From Recently Released WWE Wrestlers

Now, I know many of you are sick of the numerous articles on the recent release of now former WWE wrestlers.

I got a good gut feeling that many of you probably are clueless on who wrestlers felt upon being released from the WWE. Were they bitter? Were they happy to leave the WWE? Were they sadden over the lose of there jobs?"I don't have a big ego, but I don't feel like I suck. I'm still getting better. I feel that as a big guy, I'm a really good athlete. I think the sky's the limit, man.


Garage Sale Profits 365 gets reviewed

Lion-like in hunting down his prey, today Leslie Trawler reviews Garage Sale Profits 365. But is it delicious juicy steak or a yellowing scrap of chicken?

Quickly and easily double the cash you make from your next garage sale!
Full info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/garage-sale-profits-365-review/

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Massive Passive Profits Review

New software stolen from under the dark underbelly of the corporate elite automatically sucks in $103,078 per month of 100% free traffic

The Final Score

Let's look at the final bottom line on Massive Passive Profits. This rating takes into account everything we have discussed so far,...

Minnesota Vikings Fire Coach Brad Childress

After the Vikings management goes on the record and says they are interested in firing Childress, they do exactly that


Soccer Swing And A Miss

Only in soccer would we see a player fall to the ground in agony after whiffing on a shot attempt.� I guess when you are a superstar like Steven Gerrard, you simply don't miss such opportunities.� And when you do, the only way to hide from the embarrassment is to grab your leg and drop ...


Homeless Running Hero Tackles His Biggest Goal A Full Marathon

Eric Fair lives in a homeless shelter.

He's trying to get back on his feet after a history of drugs and prison. So, he runs ... a lot, a whole lot.


Mobile Mastermind Reviewed

Mobile Mastermind is 6 week training course bringing all of the Biggest mobile gurus together into one place.

The Overall Score

Ok, so now it's time for the final bottom line on Mobile Mastermind. This score takes into consideration everything we have discussed...
Source site:http://purrl.net/reviews/mobile-mastermind-review/

Like a BOSH Video

How does Chris Bosh meet expectations?


Meanwhile Back In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has finally gotten its first DJ, and he's having an enormous effect on traditional culture there. ...


Young Boy Dies After Fall from Luxury Suites at Lakers Game

A young 2 or 3 year old boy has died after falling more than 50 feet from a Luxury Suite at the Staples Center during a game between the LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors...


Will We Soon View The NFL As A Barbaric Industry

From long-term brain damage to increased heart attacks, the evidence is damning: for every year played in the NFL, a player loses 3 years from their life.

Will America see the NFL as a barbaric industry in the near future?


Monday, November 22, 2010

Womens History In SnowboardingVideo

Pioneers of the sport such as Tara Dakides, Jenna Meyen and Stine Brun-Kjeldaas talk about the early days of snowboarding and how the women pushed their way through, into the spotlight and began creating their own identities.


A review of Millionaire Society

Creating And Connecting Millionaires Worldwide - Brand New System Banks $4,850,468 Profit! In Under 2 Years With No PPC, No Media Buys, No Paid Advertising...

The Final Score

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Millionaire Society? This rating takes into account everything we have discussed...

Awesome Kids Room Marble Run

Your parents were right, kid! Having an awesome marble run in your room is waaay better than having a PS3, and letting your friends see a video of the marble run is almost the same as playing online with them. ...

Awesome Kids Room Marble Run


The ABC of Windsurfing Freestyle Video

This short clip features the riders of the PWA running through the A-Z of freestyle moves.


Not a great way to start a race pic

Not a great way to start a race (pic)


2010 NFL Weekly Locks Week 11

It was an even-steven week ten for our picks, however, that 2-2 record can be quite deceiving.� Why, you ask?� For the answer to that question, we turn to the battle between the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions.� Sometimes patience can be a virtue, and it was for us in this game.� While the ...


Quinton Jackson claims mixed martial arts saved his life

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton Rampage� Jackson has claimed the mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular has saved his life, but if


Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 Minute Membership Sites Review

Like a lion stalking his prey, today Leslie Trawler chews down 5 Minute Membership Sites. But is he merciful to his quarry?

Underground marketer reveals the "5 minute" system he uses to create membership sites that make him $3k-$5k a month on total autopilot
Full info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/5-minute-membership-sites-review/

Biker Knocked Out Cold

This dude overshoots his landing by about 15 feet and ends up hitting the other side of the ramp so hard that he gets knocked out cold. ...


Pat Burns NHL Coaching Great Dies

Pat Burns, who led the New Jersey Devils to a Stanley Cup title in 2003 and was selected as the NHL's top coach on three occasions, died Friday.


Dukes Kyle Singlers Trick Shot Video Kyle Gets Buckets

Check out Duke's Kyle Singler's impressive entry into the trick shot arena as he sinks shots from everywhere within Cameron Indoor Stadium....


BMX Faceplant

He doesn't even get close to clearing the jump


UFC 123 BJ Penn Is Now a Gentleman and a Brawler

After all the grief I have given to BJ Penn, his legion of fans, and his beautiful, ever-youthful-appearing mother, I feel obligated to write just one more article giving my opinion on my old nemesis.

The knockout of Hughes, whom most fans consider to be the best Welter Weight fighter ever to enter a UFC octagon, his defeat�truly was�like a violent eruption, as BJ raced to Hughes and felled him,�followed by�the sound of surprised gasps from the�equally stunned audience.

Via: http://bleacherreport.com

Most Franchises Played for by NBA Players

Eight NBA players of past (mostly) and present (only one) that have played for at least 10 NBA Franchises, more than anyone else in league history.


5 Devastating Arena Football League Wall Hits Videos

Are people overstating the safety concerns of playing football at Wrigley Field? You probably wont think so after you watch these videos.


Remove Love Handles Reviewed

The Bottom Line

Ok, so now it's time for the final bottom line on Remove Love Handles. This score considers everything we have discussed so......
So You Want to Lose Ugly Love Handles Fast?
Get rid of ugly love handles fast! Jeff shows you how.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Hate The Future PIC

I Hate The Future (PIC)


Manliest Penalty In Hockey [Image]

Knock hockey all you want (I normally do) but I'm pretty sure this dude gets served a t-bone with bacon by a German beer maid after the game.


Fast Metabolism gets reviewed

The Final Verdict

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Fast Metabolism? This rating considers everything we have discussed so far,......
Maximize Your Metabolism Will Help You Lose Weight, Get Fit, & Feel Great Today! You'll Finally Be Able To Toss Those Fat Pants In The...
Check out the full story:http://purrl.net/reviews/fast-metabolism-review/

Tiger Writes Essay Says Golf Contributed To Serial Cheating

Tiger Woods talks about the years of bed-hopping that eventually tarnished his image and ended his marriage -- even implying his mastery of golf might have led him astray -- in an essay published in Newsweek magazine.


Backflip Gone Bad

This dude gets help from three buddies to help him attempt a backflip and still manages to end in a double faceplant. ...


Top 5 College athletes who allegedly got paid to play

You can argue all you want that college athletes should get paid.

But the fact of the matter is � they do. Its been happening for decades and its not a secret. Only the na�ve refuse acknowledge it. In the wake of Cam Newtons controversy with Mississippi State, and possibly Auburn, this practice is being thrust into the national spotlight again.


Internet Consulting Secrets Reviewed

The Bottom Line

The time has come for the final score on Internet Consulting Secrets. This rating takes into consideration everything we have discussed so......
Learn How You Can Get Complete Online Training, Your Own Consultant Website, Plus Proven and Tested Marketing Materials To Help You Generate Profits Fast ......
Further info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/internet-consulting-secrets-review/

Does That Thing You Thought Was Awesome Actually Suck Must Be Like A Bosh

Remember the time you went to that new restaurant and bought the featured item on the menu, thinking it would be the greatest thing you have ever tasted?� But after having the waiter bring it out to you and giving it a try, you realized it actually sucked.� I guess you can say that entree ...


Quidditch World Cup held in New York [VID PICS]

There were 46 teams, including squads from Boston University, University of Vermont, Emerson, Tufts, UMass, and Middlebury, competing in the sport of wizards that was popularized in the Harry Potter children's book series.


Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Week 11 Startem Sitem

It can be tough to make a decision between starting or sitting specific players throughout your fantasy football season based on favorable and/or tough match-ups.

TotalProSports.com is here to help you make such decisions with our weekly Start'em & Sit'em post where we will break down each position and give you some players you may ...


Hack the Stock Market Reviewed

The Final Score

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Hack The Stock Market? This rating takes into consideration everything we......
I'm looking for a small group of intelligent investors to be taught my stock market loophole.
Further info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/hack-the-stock-market-review/

Tiger Woods writes about his tricky last year for Newsweek

'My life was out of balance, and my priorities were out of order.' Woods describes his ongoing struggle to learn from recent mistakes.


Soul Purpose Accelerator gets reviewed

Lion-like in hunting down his prey, today Leslie Trawler reviews Soul Purpose Accelerator. But is he merciful to his quarry?

Transform Fear, Uncertainty and Chaos Into Finding Your Purpose, Power And Destiny Now!
Full info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/soul-purpose-accelerator-review/

Snowboarding NowHere

Awesome snowboarding video for the Absinthe/Whitelines Editing Competition 2010/11


Play Better Table Tennis Reviewed

This ebook will walk you through the little known but essential skills you need to be a great ping pong player. It's Packed With Expert...

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Play Better Table Tennis? This rating takes into account everything we...
Check out the full story:http://purrl.net/reviews/play-better-table-tennis-review/

10 Finalists Battle for FIFAs Top Goal Of The Year Video

In no particular order, here are the ten goals being considered for this years Ferenc Pusks Award for goal of the year.


Week 11 Fantasy Football Updates Stock Up Stock Down and Discussion

A split second can sometimes dictate a major fantasy football value swing.

In the NFL, a split second can be the difference between healthy and being injured the rest of the season.Davone Bess and Brian Hartline, MIA. For those who missed it, Brandon Marshall was pulled from Thursday night’s game with an apparent hamstring injury. Those who saw the injury take place and Marshall’s gimping off the field afterward all concur that it looked serious enough for him to potentially miss more than just a few practices and next week’s game against the Raiders.


5 Videos of Athletes Dancing Cause Pennington Isnt the Only Guy Who Can Boogie

Presumably white-boy-style dancing was intended to pump him up.

That obviously failed since Pennington is now out for the season. If Pennington can dance like nobody is watching then why can't other athletes? Get Well Soon, Chad Pennington!


Female BBall Machine 256 Pts In 60 Sec Video

This woman doesn't miss a shot, putting up 256 points in one minute as if it were nothing.

She's too female to be the NBA and too good to be in the WNBA.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a Qatarstrophe Is this the worst miss in football history

WATCH Fahad Khalfan commit one of the worst misses in football history


XFactor Judge Farts On Live TV

X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole farted during the live broadcast of the British talent show, "X-Factor." I will admit it sounded genteel, refined, and simply better than American farts. ...

XFactor Judge Farts On Live TV


Shaq Visits Bar from Cheers and Sings

Shaquille O'Neal made a surprise visit to the bar 'Cheers' in Boston where everyone knows your name, especially his...


NFL Cheerleader Gallery Week 10

November 17, 2010 � Capt.

Gridiron Are you ready for some Cheerleaders? Week 10 of the NFL is in the books and the Washington Redskins jinxed themselves


London 2012 Olympics New Pictures Show Stadiums Are Nearly Ready

When Delhi hosted the Commonwealth Games in October, they cut their preparations fine.

But, as these new aerial photos show, it appears there will be no such panic when London hosts the games.


Weightlifter Victory Faceplant

This weightlifter nosedives after pressing an enormous amount of weight.

It looks like he's ok. We were so close to losing one of the world's most important minds. ...


New Psoriasis Treatment

Like a hungry diner attacking a burger, Leslie Trawler today chews down New Psoriasis Treatment . But is it delicious rump steak or an old scrap of chicken?

Manual Reveals Doctor's New Break through Discovery Guaranteed to quickly clear up Your Psoriasis Skin Problems in 7 Days.
Read all about it here:http://purrl.net/reviews/new-psoriasis-treatment-review/

Be The Man Women Want

The Real Man's Guide to finding, meeting, dating, scoring and keeping women. Most women want special things in theor man and this guide spills all...

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Be The Man Women Want? This score takes into account everything...
Full info here:http://purrl.net/reviews/be-the-man-women-want-review/

A review of Tennis Bully

Like a greedy kid fat in front of a burger and fries, Leslie Trawler today gulps down Tennis Bully. But is it delicious red meat or a scrawny bit of chicken?

Learn how to get a world class tennis serve with Scott Thyroff's free tennis videos. Turn your serve into a secret weapon that wins games.
Check out the full story:http://purrl.net/reviews/tennis-bully-review/

Albert Haynesworth And The 100 Million Nap

Anyone who saw the Monday Night Football game last night between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles witnessed Michael Vick picking apart


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pirate Log Iceland Video

It was an easy call to make the move there and get to know Iceland from a local point of view.


SEC Championship Game 2010 An Early Preview Of South Carolina Vs Auburn

SEC Championship Game 2010 An Early Preview Of South Carolina Vs Auburn

Last night the stage for the SEC Championship game was set with Auburn winning against rival Georgia in shootout fashion 49-31 to clinch the SEC West, and South Carolina dominating Florida 36-14 in the Swamp to clinch the SEC East.�This is a unique�contest as this is the first time since 2004 that the teams representing both divisions played each other in the regular season, and the regular season game between Auburn and South Carolina was a good one.

Lattimore has been quite the workhorse as he has carried the ball 202 times for 964 yards�with 14 touchdowns and averaging 4.8 yards a carry. He has played some of his best football in the big games. He rushed for 93 yards against Alabama, and in this week's game he rushed for 212 yards to help Carolina clinch the East. His top backup Brian Maddox hasn't had many opportunities but he's made the most of the ones he has gotten as he has rushed for 243 yards on just 44 carries with 2 scores and he's averaging almost 6 yards...


Is Kevin Garnett Ruining His Legacy With His Childish Antics

Once respected as one of the best players in the NBA, Kevin Garnett has moved from feared big man to sideshow spectacle who will stoop to getting on all fours and barking to try and bully opponents.


Tennis Elbow Solution Review

Like a starving man who finds a tasty morsel, today Leslie Trawler reviews Tennis Elbow Solution. But is he merciful to his quarry?

If you've tried to cure your elbow pain in the past and had no luck, this will work for you. If you've paid to have...
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Armchair Marketing Search Engine Secrets Exposed Review

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The Overall Score

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Photo Story Benching 4

How Brad Childress' inevitable decision to bench Brett Favre will probably go down.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Delivers KungFu Kick To Marco Materazzi During Milan Derby

As Carl Douglas once told us, "everybody loves kung-fu fighting."� But during a soccer game? I guess the saying, "there is a right time for everything" doesn't necessarily apply to AC Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who delivered this kung-fu kick, and accompanying elbow, to Inter Milan defender Marco Materazzi during Sunday's always anticipated Milan derby.

Materazzi ...


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steve Nash and Wife Announce Divorce Day After Sons Birth The Hoop Doctors

Steve Nash and wife Alejandra Nash, together for nine years and married since 2005, also has 6-year-old twin daughters, Lola and Bella.

The day after their first son, Matteo, was born they announced they are getting a divorce.


Monday Night Debate Eagles versus Redskins

Is this Donovan vs. the Eagles Part II or Donovan vs.

Shanahan Part I? Either way, theres a lot of drama involved and a lot on the line in the NFC East standing too.


Great Fx Event Review

Lion-like in hunting down his prey, Leslie Trawler today reviews Great FX Event. But is it delicious red meat or a yellowing scrap of chicken?

Crystal Ball Indicator that Tells You EXACTLY What and When To Buy or Sell in the Forex Market with 76.29% Accuracy
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Software Tv Reviewed

Like a hungry diner attacking a burger, Leslie Trawler today chews down Software TV. But is it delicious rump steak or a yellowing scrap of chicken?

While traditional satellite TV and Cable services can cost easily in excess of $90/month, this new satellite technology literally turns your home PC into an...
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9 Sports Team Logos That Need to Be Brought Back PICS

Logos for any sports team are generally at their best when they are simple and meaningful.

Well, a lot of teams have adopted logos that are complex and meaningless because they look kind of good on a hat. Here are 9 classic logos that should make a comeback.


Incredible Mountain Biking Jumps At Red Bull Rampage [video]

Beautiful jumps captured in HD at the 2010 Red Bull Rampage in Utah.


Car Slides Into Oncoming Traffic

Although the passenger sounds like he is in a lot of pain everyone involved in this collision was lucky to walk away with only bumps and bruises. ...


Phillips fired Four more NFL coaches who could join him

Wade Phillips finally, and mercifully, got the axe on Monday.

Here's a look at four other NFL head coaches who will be looking for new jobs in the near future.


Forex Magic Bullet gets reviewed

Warning: This Forex Magic Bullet System can make you $19,900 profit in 8 days, all on complete autopilot!

The Overall Rating

Overall, what do we think of Forex Magic Bullet? This rating takes into account everything we have discussed so far, and also...

Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night Clarkson Vs Stortini 111210

There wasn't much to look forward to last night when the Edmonton Oilers took on the New Jersey Devils in a battle of the league's two worst teams, but an overtime winner from Ilya Kovalchuk and a fight between Zack Stortini and David Clarkson did give the fans at the Prudential Center their money's worth. ...


Monday, November 15, 2010

Skater Vs Mad Store Owner

My bet is the store owner probably isn't that fast and was bluffing in hopes he wouldn't have to chase the skater.


When High School Football Trick Plays Go Wrong Backflips and Ejections Video

I have no idea what the high school football rulebook specifically states about the manner in which a player can go in motion, but backflips, it turns out, are unacceptable


Student sues after being cut by football coach over pink cleats

A student is suing after he was cut from his high school football team after wearing pink cleats during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Ultimate Stair Exercises Review

The Overall Rating

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Ultimate Stair Exercises? This rating takes into consideration everything we have......
Finally... Discover the Stair Exercise Training Secrets Guaranteed to Maximize Weight Loss, Reduce Joint Pain, Tighten and Tone Your Body and Get You into the...
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Game Set and Match Punter

After buying the Game, Set & Match: Punter manual, you will have a wealth of knowledge to aid you with your betting and you can...

The Final Verdict

Let's look at the final score on Game Set and Match Punter. This rating takes into consideration everything we have discussed so...
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2010 World Fencing Championships The Big Picture

The annual event welcomes contestants to the historic Grand Palais in Paris this year, to participate in foil, pe, and sabre events.

Collected here are several images from the first half of the 2010 competition.


Picture Of The Day The Real Dream Team

Forget about Jordan, Bird, Magic, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, and the rest of the so-called "Dream Team" from the 1992 Summer Olympics.� They've got nothing on these five physical specimens.You think those mullets were part of some bowling team ritual or superstition, much like a hockey player's playoff beard, or Patrick Kane's playoff mullet?� I wouldn't bet on it.� They probably just had the same barber.� What a handsome bunch.


Ladies Skateboarding Its A Chick Thing Vid

Footage from the second leg of this years Ladies Skateboard Series, held at Central Skatepark, Manchester.


Bad Move A History of Sports Owners Relocating Their Teams Complex Blog

To mark the anniversary of the Cleveland Browns moving to Baltimore, we look back at other teams who hastily changed cities.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Track And Failed Video

You would think four weeks of practice leading up to this track meet would be enough time for these last two girls to realize this just isn't their sport.


Brett Favre Says He Will Not Play In 2011

In an interview on Thursday night with former NFL coach Steve Mariucci on the NFL Network, Brett Favre reportedly said he will not return to play in 2011.

When asked if he would be back next season, Favre was said to have shook his head and said, "No."


Hang Gliding Loop Video

They say one of the most difficult stunts to pull off while hang gliding is the 360 loop. This guy can't do it.


The 20 Best Names In Sports

Kobe Bryant got his name when his food-related father Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant and mom Pamela Bryant saw Kobe beef on a restaurant menu.

While "Kobe" has become part of the NBA lexicon, one must realize it's only there because sushi didn't sound great to the Bryants on that evening.


Kitesurfing Fail Video

Attaching the safety rope seemed like a good idea up until it pulled this dude off his kite while 50ft in the air.


Epic Penalty Kick

This might be the luckiest shot ever!


Dancing Girl Crashes Through Table

This chick dances around the room and crashes through a table, proving that there are some girls who will do anything for attention. Medical attention.

Dancing Girl Crashes Through Table


Better Health Today Reviewed

The Bottom Line

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7 Day Belly Blast Diet Reviewed

Lion-like in stalking his prey across the savannah, today Leslie Trawler reviews 7 Day Belly Blast Diet. But is he merciful to his quarry?

It works like this: simply agree to test-drive The 7-Day Belly Blast Diet and follow it exactly as outlined, and if for some strange reason...
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pips Reserve

The Final Score

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Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian Is the Biggest Cheater in the NFL

Yesterday with the Indianapolis Colts facing a key fourth down late in the game, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent Cole sacked Peyton Manning, causing a fumble and ending the game.At least, until Polian realized that it might take the official longer to get into position and could slow down his team's no huddle offense.� The Colts are crafty.

They use no huddle to keep teams from getting the right personnel on the field. They also draw a lot of penalties against the defense by catching them off guard.


Heres A Look At The Pacers NearPerect Third Quarter Video

The Indiana Pacers may not exactly strike fear into the hearts of their opponents with their 3-3 record, but if they can shoot like they did during the third quarter of last night's home game against the Denver Nuggets, there may be no stopping them.

While we don't expect them to ever go 20-for-21 throughout an entire quarter again, like they did during the third quarter against the Nuggets, we can't help but wonder whether this amazing display of accuracy should be attributed to their fine shooting ability, or the poor defensive effort from their opposition.
Heres A Look At The Pacers NearPerect Third Quarter Video


Stealth Traffic Formula

The Overall Rating

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Now you can start making some very serious money, because I'm going to show you exactly how I extract $100,000 a month using my stealth...
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Project Site Flip

Underground Six Figure Site Flipper Level's The Playing Field And Reveals The Secrets To Successful Site Flipping That Had Him Go From...

The Overall Score

When it comes down to it, what's our final verdict on Project Site Flip? This rating takes into consideration everything we have...
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