Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs Small Victories Paramount to Success in 2011

Let's face it: The next 14 weeks are gonna be brutal.

The well-publicized injuries to running back� Jamaal Charles and safety Eric Berry not only drastically reduced the talent on the Kansas City Chiefs roster, they brought morale back down to a place no player wants to experience—and no Chiefs fan wants to remember.While some may point to his lack of football background, they fail to recognize his ability to manipulate the psyche of his team—something that is becoming more important as the game is modernized and compensation has inflated exponentially. It’s harder than ever for a coach to "reach" players at the NFL level. Given Todd Haley's accomplishments of the past—and even as present as last season—there is plenty of evidence to believe he has an uncanny ability to improve just about any player he's presented with.


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